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Partnership Experience @ ISNR Abu Dhabi 2018

Ibrahim Youssry, Public Sector Director, Microsoft Gulf

Ibrahim Youssry, Public Sector Director, Microsoft Gulf

Microsoft’s presence as the Strategic AI partner at ISNR Abu Dhabi 2018

Microsoft participated at ISNR as the Strategic AI Partner and in close partnership with Al Hamra Group launched the AI-enabled Advanced Patrol Vehicle. A first in the middle east market, the vehicle is customized and outfitted with a range of Microsoft AI technologies that include the latest drones, surveillance devices, license-plate readers, tablets, wearable video cameras and more. It is a great real-life solution that combines the intelligent cloud with the intelligent edge to deliver real-time, AI-driven, decision-making power into the hands of law-enforcement professionals. Microsoft showcased how AI can strengthen Public Safety and National Security and empower the future of policing by delivering a 360-degree view of the world in which officers operate; interactive, intuitive, insightful solutions that leverage the agility of cloud computing to connect disparate sources of information and improve the effectiveness and reach of police officers and public safety agencies.

Can you please tell us why Microsoft joined ISNR this past March in Abu Dhabi?

Our aim is to enable public leaders protect citizens, mitigate disasters, reduce crime, and build more secure and resilient nations with Microsoft products, solutions, devices, and services - empowering them to achieve more.

Governments are increasingly being disrupted and realize transformation to a digital-first mindset is inevitable. We want to work together with them to optimize their operations, transform missions and services, empower service personnel and engage the citizens they protect. Microsoft’s participation at ISNR reiterates this message and demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to the government of UAE and it’s Smart vision in the field of law enforcement. The Advanced Patrol Vehicle and our array of AI solutions powered by the intelligent cloud are some examples of how the government can strengthen its national security.

How is AI influencing the development of Microsoft products and solutions?

We think of AI as a set of technologies that enable computers to perceive, learn, reason and assist in decision-making to solve problems in ways that are similar to what people do. With these capabilities, how computers understand and interact with the world is beginning to feel far more natural and responsive than in the past, when computers could only follow pre-programmed routines.

When Microsoft was founded over 40 years ago, we set out to build a “personal” computer that would help people be more productive at home, at school and at work. Today, Microsoft is aiming to do much the same with AI. We’re building AI systems that are designed to amplify natural human ingenuity. We’re deploying AI systems with the goal of making them available to everyone and aspiring to build AI systems that reflect timeless societal values so that AI earns the trust of all. From Office 365, to the cloud, we are infusing intelligent technologies across our core products to make artificial intelligence (AI) available to everyone, with the simple goal of helping people deliver their best work.

From a governance perspective AI can play pivotal role. This could begin with having customer service chatbots responding to the needs of citizens, predicting traffic congestions and preventing car accidents, identifying spreading diseases, predicting weather hazards, using Machine learning and Cognitive computing to learn about Malicious software and prevent cyber-attacks, analyse large amounts of data and using to address needs of various government departments, Unite cameras with the intelligent cloud to deliver safety, enhance Education, Healthcare, transport, sports, entertainment and so on. We look forward to working with the UAE government across all sectors, and support their vision and strategy for AI with our solutions and offerings.

Do you see National Security & Public Safety becoming a strategic market for Microsoft in the next 5 years? How?

Governments in the region, and across the world are facing increasing need to ensure their technology infrastructures keep pace with those of other nations around the world. This means providing the officers and front liners with the information necessary to make effective decisions. Similarly, defense and intelligence departments or agencies can meet mission requirements and provide near-real-time operation visualisation with communication solutions, applications and specialised intelligent operations tools.

Safety and security are always a priority for any nation. And with the emergence of new technologies, we are enabling digital transformation of governments with an integrated, flexible and trustworthy approach that offers a breadth of offerings from Microsoft - to provide end-to-end solutions for a safer, and more secure world.