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  • Basement Shelter
    Install at the place which is impossible to move the box outside (basement, etc) in the vulnerable areas against fire and poisonous gas 리미트 외부 ( Emergency Flashing Light Air Exhaust Emergency Call Pipe Air Inlet Pipe Monitoring Window Knob (Auto detection of fire and poisonous gas, alarm operation, air inlet and exhaust pipe, battery equipped for blackout)
    TSI’s Mobile Video Surveillance MOVIS™ offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent systems to enable effective situational awareness. Not only does MOVIS™ offer innovative features such as enhanced mobile video monitoring capabilities and real-time data analysis, the system also provides a state-of-the-art suite of C2 applications for complete Command and Control.
    TSI PHOENIX™ is an advanced portable Video Surveillance System that can be used in real-time, across multiple jurisdictions and agencies, and offers entirely new capabilities such as High-Definition video surveillance and streaming, tracking, analysis, and integration of virtually thousands of input sources, thereby achieving true situational awareness.
    TSI VANTAGE™ sets itself apart from competing ANPR systems with cutting-edge technology. Successfully implemented and proven in the world’s largest auto market, VANTAGE™ boasts superior vehicle capture and recognition rates. The suite of devices and software is completely customisable and easily integrates into a single platform, empowering agencies to upgrade traffic surveillance capabilities effectively and effortlessly.
    VIGILANCE™ is extremely portable and ranks among the smallest tracking devices available on the market today. The compact form factor of the VIGILANCE™ hardware series makes it suitable for both personnel and vehicle tracking. The core data device and backend portal are fully customisable to meet your specific security needs. Turn overleaf for more information on hardware specifications and optional accessories.
    Central to DOMINION™ is a cross-platform application suite that combines the latest in technological standards with TSI’s extensive years of operational experience and resources.
  • Evolv Edge
    Evolv Edge is a walk-through personnel screener designed to detect mass casualty non-metallic and metallic threats including suicide vests and belts, as well as high capacity firearms.
    CONPASS DV is the most innovative, sophisticated and safe transmission X-ray full-body security screening system.
  • Voti Luggage Scanner - XR3D-6D
    The XR3D-6D, powered by BioSansTM, is an easy to operate, dual source scanner that provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities and a very low cost of ownership.
  • Elistair Orion
    Orion Unmanned Aerial System is an advanced tethered drone system providing continuous aerial coverage over large areas for law enforcement, public safety, private security and military uses, asset protection, event security, emergency communications and crisis monitoring.
  • Elistair Safe-T
    Safe-T is a smart tethering station, offering unlimited endurance and safe data connexions for persistent aerial surveillance and pop-up telecommunications.
    Individual Drone Jammer
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