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    TSI VANTAGE™ sets itself apart from competing ANPR systems with cutting-edge technology. Successfully implemented and proven in the world’s largest auto market, VANTAGE™ boasts superior vehicle capture and recognition rates. The suite of devices and software is completely customisable and easily integrates into a single platform, empowering agencies to upgrade traffic surveillance capabilities effectively and effortlessly.
    VIGILANCE™ is extremely portable and ranks among the smallest tracking devices available on the market today. The compact form factor of the VIGILANCE™ hardware series makes it suitable for both personnel and vehicle tracking. The core data device and backend portal are fully customisable to meet your specific security needs. Turn overleaf for more information on hardware specifications and optional accessories.
  • Voti Luggage Scanner - XR3D-6D
    The XR3D-6D, powered by BioSansTM, is an easy to operate, dual source scanner that provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities and a very low cost of ownership.
  • Vehicle Inspector

    Vehicle Inspector


    Track incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic on your premises. Get a complete overview of the traffic at your gates and access roads Recognizes vehicles, including the driver. For visitors or suppliers, vehicles can be matched to appointments and purchase orders.
  • VI Sense - Augmented Reality Security Glasses
    Augmented Reality Security Glasses
  • VX-601


    RuggON Corporation

    VX-601 gives the finest balance of tough and performance for intralogistics and cold chain logistics.
  • Vehicle Surveillance Thermal Camera System
    A unique and versatile vehicle mounted camera solution which can be deployed where a rapid security response is required. The system can be fitted to standard estate cars, 4 x 4 vehicles as well as traditional vans and bespoke vehicles. Images may be viewed locally at the vehicle or transmitted using video transmission technology over cellular and
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