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  • PX-501B
    With the ideal combination of extreme power and extensibility, the PX-501B takes your experience to new heights.
    TSI PHOENIX™ is an advanced portable Video Surveillance System that can be used in real-time, across multiple jurisdictions and agencies, and offers entirely new capabilities such as High-Definition video surveillance and streaming, tracking, analysis, and integration of virtually thousands of input sources, thereby achieving true situational awareness.
  • pBDi


    Bruker Detection

    The Bruker pBDi is a portable detection platform for rapid and sensitive on-site identification of biothreat agents. Developed for use by non-scientific personnel, the pBDi is easily operated, even while working in protective equipment under extreme conditions.
  • Portable Detection and identification
    Backpack detector for a discrete source research and identification in public areas
  • Para-DNA System
    The ParaDNA® System provides a fast and reliable way to triage and interpret biological evidence. It offers a direct benefit to investigations of serious crime, property crime, and sexual assaults as well as Counter Terrorism and Disaster Victim Identification operations. Designed with simplicity and portability in mind.
  • Pitagone Threat Management
    "Capable of stopping a vehicle lauched an medium speed, they make it possible to secure access to areas deemed to be at risk. Robust and compact they are capable of resisting the impact of a 7,5 tons vehicle launched at 48 km/h."
  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitor MX6 iBrid™
    The MX6 iBrid™ is more than an intelligent hybrid of Industrial Scientific’s best monitoring technologies—it’s the most adaptable six-gas monitor on the market. The MX6 iBrid is ready to monitor oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Portable Single Gas Monitor GasBadge® Pro
    GasBadge® Pro provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection for more applications than any other single gas monitor available. With communication directly through an infrared interface, optional accessories like the DSX Docking Station and Datalink, automated calibrations, bump tests, and data log download could not be easier.
  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitor Ventis™ MX4
    The Ventis™ MX4 is a compact, multi-gas monitor available in both aspirated and diffusion versions. Highly configurable, the Ventis MX4 meets your gas detection needs with ease. It is the ideal instrument for monitoring one to four gases in confined spaces and nearly any other potentially hazardous environment.
  • Portable Single Gas Monitor Tango® TX1
    By wearing the Tango® TX1, workers will be the safest single gas monitor users in the world. A patented DualSense Technology increases worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall costs. Let the Tango TX1 show you why two is better than one.
  • Portable Multi-Gas Monitors Ventis™ Pro Series
    The Ventis™ Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors offer a variety of flexible sensor options to detect up to five gases across a range of industrial settings. Both the Ventis™ Pro4 and Ventis™ Pro5 are equipped with new features to improve worker safety and hazard management—all in the most configurable multi-gas monitors on the market.
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