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  • Caprivi MRAP

    25 Oct 2016 Mobile Land Systems FZ LLC
    The Caprivi MRAP has a V-Shaped monoqoque armoured steel hull for full blast and ballistic protection. Caprivi comes in a mix of variants including APC, C2, Surveillance and ambulance. Able to mount 2 ...
  • Catalog and Contents

    Howe and Howe Technologies Inc.
  • CBRN Solutions

    Alliance Solutions Group, Inc.
    Through the experience we have gained from operations, research, development and live-agent environments, we are able to deliver the world's most advanced CBRN solutions.
  • CBRN Suit

    20 Jan 2018 Seyntex NV
    Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Protection Suit
  • The first of its kind: A UAS with integrated CBRN/HazMat sensors. Come check out the new tool that will revolutionize the CBRN/HazMat response industry.
  • Cobra APC and Pickup Range

    27 Feb 2018 Mobile Land Systems FZ LLC
    The Cobra is a blast and ballistic protected vehicle with a V-Shaped mine resistant hull. It is ideal for use in urban areas by Police Forces or military forces. Options include CBRN filtration system ...
  • CohuHD, Rugged Video Cameras

    Technical Square Group
    CohuHD Costar™ Founded in 1946 designs and manufactures rugged HD CCTV video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. Our video cameras monitor the most critical, se ...
  • Columbus® ballistic vest

    20 Jan 2018 Seyntex NV
    Columbus ballistic protection vest
  • Control Room Console

    Eye On Technology
    Complete control room system.
  • Crime prediction (phase 2)

    01 Mar 2018 Space Imaging Middle East LLC
    The Crime Prediction software accommodates all existing datasets and other connected and disconnected government entity datasets to accumulate maximum available historical data in order to better inte ...
  • Crisis Leadership & Decision Making Training

    Alliance Solutions Group, Inc.
    Originally designed for FEMA in the U.S., this highly successful training is now tailored to the GCC region. With so many emerging threats and challenges facing the region, Executive Level leaders mus ...
  • Critical Sites protection

    Cegelec Defense
    Design and construction of hardened and protected infrastructure and critical sites ( CBRN filtration, Blast proofing, RF shielding etc.

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