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  • АТ1121, АТ1123 X-ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters
    Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for X-ray and gamma radiation dosimetry of the following types: ▪ Continuous long-term radiation ▪ Continuous short-term radiation ▪ Impulse radiation
  • АТ1315 Gamma Beta Spectrometer
    Radionuclide monitoring of water, foods, raw and other materials ▪ Spectrometric and radiometric monitoring of radionuclide content in water, foods, agricultural raw materials, industrial, construction and forestry materials, environmental objects (soil, vegetation, etc.), metallurgical industry produce and products of other industries. ▪ Activity measurement of 137Сs, 134Сs, 131I, 90Sr, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th, etc.
  • АТ6103 Mobile Radiation Scanning System
    Mobile system is designed for ground radiation survey and search for gamma and neutron radiation sources with GPS-mapping. The system can be mounted on a motor vehicle, marine vessel or aircraft carrier with no need for any special tools. The system need no connection to on-board power of the carrier, though can be controlled and managed by operator as well. Application: ▪ Identification and assessment of land and facility radiation environment from vehicle, helicopter, etc. ▪ Mapping of radiation levels and density of surface contamination by 137Cs ▪ Search of lost radioactive sources ▪ Traffic control of radioactive substances and materials ▪ Public events radiation safety control ▪ Detection of radioactive anomalies ▪ Monitoring of nuclear incident consequences at Nuclear Power Plants ▪ Discover facts and effects of nuclear weapon testing or use
  • АТ1329 Sample Counter
    Sample counter is designed for simultaneous or independent measurement of gross alpha activity and gross beta activity in various and counting samples. Sample counter can be used to: ▪ Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity of counting samples based on aerosol analytical filters of АФА type ▪ Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity in "thick-layer" counting samples prepared from sample material (e.g. by evaporation, or any other method of preparing "thick-layer" sample) ▪ Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity in "thin-layer" counting samples prepared from sample material (e.g. by electrolytic deposition) ▪ Measure activity, flux density, external alpha and beta radiation for sources of 1П9, 2П9, 3П9, 1С0, 2С0, 3С0 type ▪ Control radiation contamination of surfaces by a smear method.
  • АТ1316 Whole Body Counter
    AТ1316 Whole body counter (WBC) is designed for express-monitoring and measuring of gamma-emitting radionuclides in human body, as well as for internal exposure dose estimation ("Sitting straight" geometry). WBC operating principle is based on detection of incorporated radionuclide activity with spectrometric detection unit and processing of spectrometer measurement information with hardware-software instruments to define radiometric characteristic of internal contamination considering anthropometric characteristic of target person.
  • 3D-XRay Threat Scan
    A lightweight, portable, battery-powered x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams to meet the needs of the field operative.
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