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    • Policing & Counter Terror
  • The A-WASP (Acoustic -Warning Signal Projector) is a wearable, high-powered, long-range, highly-directional acoustic communication tool. With class leading clarity and projection, it is designed to gi ...

    12 Feb 2020 MILISYSTEM Sp. z o.o. (Poland, Europe)

    The Advanced Firearms Training System Vistula is an ideal solution enabling safe shooting training using your own firearms or a special replica and using the most modern combination of computer technology and laser systems.

    The Advanced Firearms Training System Vistula is a technology adapted to the most demanding client representing the armed forces, law enforcement, guards, intelligence services and the private security and military services.


    03 Feb 2020 Escape International
    AirTEP (Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform) is a dedicated tool for Special Forces and Special Operations. •  Airborne: designed for any helicopter •  Versatile: all situations in a severe environm ...
  • AMSTA is a perimetric and critical infrastrucure protection system, based on self-learning seismic sensors network supported by specialised cameras and short range radars to provide full spectrum of information to net-centric command&management center. Battery powered, able to work for years, easy to deploy and with interfaces to connect effectors systems, enables to creates truly - Advance Monitoring of stand-off Areas.

  • High-end analysis workstation for digital data processing with cyber speed

    Known worldwide, the AntAnalyzer series is popular for its speed, reliability and persistence and is
    the ultimate in indexing and processing IT-forensic cases. Our machines are present in all leading IT forensic agencies and companies in Europe.
    They are tested and certified by the leading software developers (Opentext, Magnet etc).

    The AntAnalyzer is so quiet that it can be used in offices without any disruption.

  • Arges

    03 Feb 2020 Whelen
    Meet Arges, Whelen's new remote spotlight designed with officer safety in mind. Arges features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range. Designed from the ground u ...

    27 Feb 2020 A.WOOLF

    ASIRIS is a Deep Web, Internet and Darknet monitoring platform for large scale data collection, processing and enrichment.

  • AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera - Heavy-duty PTZ camera with OptimizedIR

    • HDTV 1080p and 30x optical zoom
    • Long-range OptimizedIR (400 m/ 1300 ft range)
    • 1/2" sensor for high dynamic range 
    • MIL-STD-810G and NEMA TS-2 compliant
    • AXIS Guard Suite analytics included
  • T3K-Forensics in cooperation with Austrian Institute of Technology has developed a technology to capture 4 fingerprints with just the means of a smartphone. This sophisticated software is in fact a tr ...

    28 Jan 2020 NFSSP
  • Extraction of 8 smartphones simultaneously!

    A new generation of mobile forensics, with high speed simultaneous extraction and analysis of cell phones, tablets and GPS devices. With the Black Widow, you can extract deleted data, call history, contacts, multimedia messages, photos, recordings, calendar items, passwords, data from apps and much more with only a few clicks.

    Plus: Wireless charging station in the device!

  • All the writeblockers you'll ever need in one single device!

    • Fast Data aquisition of phones, HDD, SSD, SD cards etc
    • With SATA, USB, PCIe, SAS, FireWire, IDE connectors/adapters
    • Forensic Card Reader

    A sophisticated cooling system protects from overheating during the fast imaging process. All forensic images can be saved on the internal hot-swappable hard drive or on the laptop.

    With this solution you have everything you need to image devices on site in one single device.

  • BV9700 Pro

    26 Feb 2020 BlackView



    23 Nov 2019 EOT
    The T5 is best suited to assist EOD and SWAT teams in inspecting and retrieving of suspicious devices from narrow passages of buses, trains and planes. Its turreted claw/disruptor arm integrates the r ...
  • Cencom Core

    Whelen is redefining control systems with CenCom Core. With the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion yet, CenCom Core is a system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation a ...
  • Coordinate, collaborate, and communicate for faster and better informed decision making and resource deployment.

    Capita’s ControlWorks® is a next-generation control room and contact centre solution which puts transformation within grasp. It provides seamless interoperability with back office and other external systems to provide a major step-change in control room efficiency.

  • Detection Equipment

    23 Nov 2019 EOT
    Due to its great sensitivity, the METEX 4.251 can be used for searching for small objects near the surface as well as objects at a great depth of up to 3.3 m. Its large search coil facilitates the det ...
  • Miltronix’s suite of state-of-the-art Air Surveillance Radar options are designed to fill critical gaps in air surveillance to protect national borders, vital infrastructure and other critical high value assets. These sophisticated solid-state Drone Detection Radar is specially designed to detect, locate, and display Drones of various sizes that might be flying within the Radar’s area of coverage.

  • Capita’s DSX Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) provides the voice and data communications hub of the Capita Contact Management and Control Room product range, designed to provide single touchscreen control to a host of integrated subsystems.

  • The Eskan - ORBIS 9 is a low power jamming device that can be used in a wide range of operational scenarios, including countering, IED's and countering espionage. It enables the operator to prevent le ...
  • Hostage and crisis recorder
  • Multi-detection system
  • Drone disruptor
  • FaceVACS-DBScan LE combines Cognitec’s renowned image database search technology with powerful video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases.

  • FaceVACS-VideoScan uses ground-breaking face recognition technology to identify persons of interest in real time while computing demographic and behavioral data.

  • Miltronix Limited provides the Foliage Penetration Radar system that is perhaps the most advanced such system anywhere. 

    Innovators on the team have designed and built some of the most advanced editions, and the current Miltronix’s Foliage Penetration Radar - FOLPEN, is the latest and most capable iteration of this cutting-edge technology.

    The Foliage Penetration Radar System can be used to counter smuggling, drug & terrorist activities under the cover of foliage.

  • IAG is proud to unveil the Guardian Xtreme Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle with a complete V-Hull shaped designed floor. The Guardian Xtreme MRAP is available in 4×4 and 6×6 configurati ...

    28 Jan 2020 NFSSP

    28 Jan 2020 NFSSP
  • Our Law Enforcement Analytical Platform provides for fast and efficient reporting about the smartphone and mobile phone content, before the manual step-by-step analysis. Speeding up forensic workflows, LEAP can be used by forensic analysts as well as non-technical staff and investigators in mobile forensic labs or in the field, where data could be aggregated and presented in different ways.

  • Legacy Series 

  • Key Features Benefits 12-hour full-shift battery life HD live-streaming with GPS location Simple one-touch button control Remote live stream/recording activation Integrated Bluetooth sensor activation ...
  • Maveo is m-View’s scalable in-car-video (ICV) solution that provides enhanced vision across fleets. Supporting multiple high-definition cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom models, Maveo captures and stor ...
  • The ever increasing use of mobile devices has resulted in huge amounts of data being stored on smartphones and tablets. In time and resource critical law enforcement cases, finding relevant data fast ...
  • N•ear 360

    10 Feb 2020 Mads
  • High-end password recovery

    Passwords have never been recovered faster than with this Graphic Board Cluster. A 4U server case includes up to 10 high performance graphic cards, for a 24/7 operation.
    Due to the simultaneous use of the 10 GPU an increase in performance of up to a 100% is possible.

    Our System is tested and certified for the use with the password decryption tools Passware Kit Forensic and ElcomSoft Password Recovery.

  • P-Guard is a rugged security Robot for multi-terrain applications. To perform its functions, the robot incorporates a set of infrared cameras arranged to cover the entire surrounding of the robot, an omni-directional audio acquisition system, thermal camera and a sound and light alarm system. The robot incorporates a GPS to locate in its environment and a laser telemetry system.


    06 Feb 2020 Nightsearcher
    High Powered Sequential Rechargeable LED Hazard Lights Fast Deployment Automatic Sequencing Automatically switch off when placed back in case 6 Flash modes LEDs can be changes from, Blue- Red- Amber R ...
  • Control Room Operators are under time pressure to question emergency callers to ascertain what is wrong, where they are, who they are and who is in danger in order to dispatch the right resources.

    Live footage offers instant ‘on-scene eyes’ to the operators, helping them assess the scenario and better select the appropriate resources to dispatch to the incident. They can also provide more qualified information to partner agencies to help manage the incident more effectively.

  • The Rila Xtreme MRAP is the latest development in IAG’s portfolio of tactical armored vehicles.  This Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle has been designed to offer unparalleled maneuverability an ...
  • This is an industry first and we have the ability to provide effective technological based security services across our portfolio of clients.  The robots autonomously patrol defined routes and are fitted with both PTZ and panoramic cameras. It can be linked to all existing VMS systems and whilst in the main operates autonomously, can also be manually controlled via our 24 hour control room.

  • Solaris Pro

    06 Feb 2020 Nightsearcher
    The Solaris Pro is the latest addition to the renowned NightSearcher Solaris floodlight range. This high powered portable floodlight is extremely compact, lightweight and is designed for all types of ...
  • ThreatScan

    04 Feb 2020 EOT

    ThreatScan®-LS1 is a lightweight, portable, battery-powered x-ray scanning system designed in cooperation with first responders and EOD teams to meet the needs of the field operative.

  • Maximum performance plus high-end quality: The TreCorder is the mobile forensic laboratory

    • Mobile forensic laboratory for fast data acquisition, pre-analysis and evaluation
    • Imaging of 3 HDD, SSD, etc. and also phones & SD cards at the same time without performance loss

    The TreCorder is the highest performing portable device in the world for mobile digital-evidence-collection in computer forensics.

  • A mobile laboratory for all kinds of lab applications. Has a sophisticated climate concept and a special Swing Rack server rack which guarantees the protection of sensitive (IT-) equipment from vibrat ...
  • VMS

    03 Feb 2020 Traffic Safety
    Mobile LED Roof Warning System
  • The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds discussing subjects, activities and opportunities that threaten your organisation, your city, country, brand or product, and making investigations a tough challenge.

    We can make investigations easier by providing a hardware-software-platform which allows you to analyse online content offline, which can be required by law, or helpful when working in sensitive or specialist areas such as child pornography or terrorism.

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