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  • The 11 Meter High Speed Interceptor is a high-speed Interceptor that has been especially developed for navies, coastguards and police forces. It is an upgraded version of the Al Fattan’s 10 Meter Interceptor. It is faster, more stable and have greater load capacity. It can carry one 12.7mm gun at the front and 2 minimi 7.62mm guns on deck sides.

  • 13.5m Fast Interceptor boat has been designed to serve our professional Coast Guard and Naval forces for regular coastal and offshore patrol duties, intercepting anti-symmetrical threat facilities in territories of the coastal area. These Interceptors have a formidable reputation and are currently in service with UAE Coast Guard.

  • The 13.5 Meter Inshore Patrol Vessel has been developed to meet the requirements of professional Coast Guard and Naval Forces. It is a well-designed, well-built and well-equipped patrol boat responsible for conducting coastal patrol operations, search & rescue missions and defend the territorial water against attack mounted by sea-borne forces.

  • The 14.5 Meter Fast Patrol boat is a well-equipped vessel designed for a full coastal patrol duties. It has a width of 3.0 meters, weighs 8 tons, draught of 700mm and manned by 6 crews but can accommodate a maximum of 8. The boat maneuvers at a maximum speed of 55 miles/hr in a range of 300 miles. The boat is made of fiber reinforced glass and can be armed with 12.7mm automatic machine gun with IR fully controlled from a remote station.

  • 16m Combat boat constructed from a combination of fiber glass and aluminium fitouts to minimize lightship weight and maximize its capacity to carry combat-ready troops, gears, weapons, ammunitions, a captain, and a helmsman, along with all other provisions.
    The Combat Boat was built to serve as a fast-attack and multi-purpose military boat that can be utilized for:
    • Combat
    • Troop Carrier
    • Patrolling / Intercepting
    • Surveillance
    • Interdiction
    • Search and Rescue

  • High-end analysis workstation for digital data processing with cyber speed

    Known worldwide, the AntAnalyzer series is popular for its speed, reliability and persistence and is
    the ultimate in indexing and processing IT-forensic cases. Our machines are present in all leading IT forensic agencies and companies in Europe.
    They are tested and certified by the leading software developers (Opentext, Magnet etc).

    The AntAnalyzer is so quiet that it can be used in offices without any disruption.


    01 Jan 2018 Technical Square Group
    A Digital Audio Evidential Interview and Meeting Recorder.
  • Extraction of 8 smartphones simultaneously!

    A new generation of mobile forensics, with high speed simultaneous extraction and analysis of cell phones, tablets and GPS devices. With the Black Widow, you can extract deleted data, call history, contacts, multimedia messages, photos, recordings, calendar items, passwords, data from apps and much more with only a few clicks.

    Plus: Wireless charging station in the device!

  • All the writeblockers you'll ever need in one single device!

    • Fast Data aquisition of phones, HDD, SSD, SD cards etc
    • With SATA, USB, PCIe, SAS, FireWire, IDE connectors/adapters
    • Forensic Card Reader

    A sophisticated cooling system protects from overheating during the fast imaging process. All forensic images can be saved on the internal hot-swappable hard drive or on the laptop.

    With this solution you have everything you need to image devices on site in one single device.


    23 Nov 2019 EOT
    The T5 is best suited to assist EOD and SWAT teams in inspecting and retrieving of suspicious devices from narrow passages of buses, trains and planes. Its turreted claw/disruptor arm integrates the r ...
  • CertCentral®


    CertCentral® simplifies the entire lifecycle by consolidating tasks for issuing, installing, inspecting, remediating, and renewing certificates. Every part of the cycle on one pane of glass.

  • CohuHD, Rugged Video Cameras

    Technical Square Group
    CohuHD Costar™ Founded in 1946 designs and manufactures rugged HD CCTV video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. Our video cameras monitor the most critical, se ...
  • Critical Sites protection

    Cegelec Defense
      The proposed capabilities extend from perimeter fencing to instrusion detection, remote alarm, surveillance and access control with the associated hypervision and monitoring control stations and equ ...
  • Detection Equipment

    23 Nov 2019 EOT
    Due to its great sensitivity, the METEX 4.251 can be used for searching for small objects near the surface as well as objects at a great depth of up to 3.3 m. Its large search coil facilitates the det ...
  • The smartest solution for simplifying user identity management for existing network access, directory services and business applications.

  • ADANI DTP 200LV is a drive-through portal vehicle and van X-ray security inspection system for the detection of different dangerous and forbidden objects.

  • ADANI DTP 320 is a drive-through portal vehicle and van X-ray security inspection for the detection of hidden objects hidden inside vehicles.

  • ADANI DTP 320/200DV provides X-ray images of scanned vehicles and vans in two projections (vertically downward and horizontal).

  • ADANI DTP 320LV is a drive-through portal vehicle and van X-ray security inspection system for the detection of different dangerous and forbidden objects.

  • ADANI DTP 7500/200UV is a dual-energy X-ray inspection system used for inspection of cargo transport and light vehicles and containers.

  • ADANI DTP 7500LV is a portal inspection system designed for scanning the cargo transport vehicles, containers and air cargos.

  • Vehicle X-ray Inspection System DTP 7500LVR is a relocatable system that can be loaded onto a semitrailer and can be repositioned with a truck tractor.

  • Exertherm™

    Technical Square Group
    The IRt/c.EM™ sensor is a patented, small, plastic housed, non-contact IR sensor which requires no external power & delivers a Delta T (rise over ambient) reading. In addition, Exertherm™ IR sensors h ...
  • FaceVACS-DBScan LE combines Cognitec’s renowned image database search technology with powerful video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases.

  • FaceVACS-VideoScan uses ground-breaking face recognition technology to identify persons of interest in real time while computing demographic and behavioral data.

  • Hi-Speed Interceptor

    23 Nov 2019 EOT
    The M - 46 is a high-speed interceptor of the latest generation (the hull so-called step hull, with a novelty of a stern tooth (edge), which smartly regulates the tilt of the front part of the boat), ...

    Technical Square Group
    The Hydramist® 15AMPU uses tap water to generate mist that quickly smothers fire and prevents re-ignition. Is proven to work in under 10 seconds. Minimal clean up after fire. Harmless to the environme ...
  • 4000Lumens & 316Meters Beam Distance,

    powered by a single 21700 battery at capacity 5000mAh,

    2A USB Fast Charging,

    200 hours long runtime,

    7 lighting levels,

    Klarus classic tail dual-switch with tactical and outdoor settings to meet different requirements, is designed for Law Enforcement, Self-Defense, Everyday Carry, Outdoor, etc.

  • CONPASS MIP (Mobile Inspection Point) is a van-based portable and flexible X-ray security inspection system for outdoor events and sites.

  • High-end password recovery

    Passwords have never been recovered faster than with this Graphic Board Cluster. A 4U server case includes up to 10 high performance graphic cards, for a 24/7 operation.
    Due to the simultaneous use of the 10 GPU an increase in performance of up to a 100% is possible.

    Our System is tested and certified for the use with the password decryption tools Passware Kit Forensic and ElcomSoft Password Recovery.

  • ADANI DTP 6000LVM is a mobile X-ray inspection system for inspection of containers, cargo of vans and light vehicles.

  • Rapid expandable Shelter

    Cegelec Defense
    Reduced logistic commodity for the setup of mobile Emergency Operation Center. Retracted for transportation in 20 ft container format, the rapid expandable shelter offers a 80m2 fully equipped working ...
  • SPALAX-NG Xe Isotopes Monitoring System

    01 Mar 2018 Cegelec Defense
    The SPALAX-NG (system for atmospheric radioxenon monitoring - new generation) samples the air and isolates xenon isotopes using two detectors (germanium and electron-photon coincidence) to detect very ...
  • Anti Blast, anti HA IEM,anti seismic, RF Shielding, CBRN protections and counter measures for the survival of strategic infrastructure

  • Maximum performance plus high-end quality: The TreCorder is the mobile forensic laboratory

    • Mobile forensic laboratory for fast data acquisition, pre-analysis and evaluation
    • Imaging of 3 HDD, SSD, etc. and also phones & SD cards at the same time without performance loss

    The TreCorder is the highest performing portable device in the world for mobile digital-evidence-collection in computer forensics.

  • Water Purification Units

    Cegelec Defense
    Full range of mobile Water Purification and Treatment units
  • The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds discussing subjects, activities and opportunities that threaten your organisation, your city, country, brand or product, and making investigations a tough challenge.

    We can make investigations easier by providing a hardware-software-platform which allows you to analyse online content offline, which can be required by law, or helpful when working in sensitive or specialist areas such as child pornography or terrorism.

  • BV 5030CA is a compact and easy-to-use desktop X-ray inspection system for quick and effective screening of handbags and parcels.

  • ADANI BV STREAM utilizes unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to assist in the Inspection process and reduce the human factor while dramatically improving the overall screening experience. The “friendly” exterior makes the overall act of screening baggage and personal items for Firearms, Knives and Hand Grenades more welcoming.

  • CONPASS DV is an advanced security X-ray inspection system with dual-view technology for full body screening designed to detect threats and contraband.

  • CONPASS SMART is the X-ray scanner, which is lightweight and has a built-in X-ray image recognition software for automatic detection of prohibited items in the images.

  • SMART X-ray people screening system with dual projection

  • Train drive-through inspection system ADANI TRAINSCAN designed for inspection of train cargo and detection of prohibited items.

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