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The intention of the BBG is to maintain the good name of British Business in Abu Dhabi and to uphold the standards established and expected of British companies, it has the following aims:

• To promote and develop business relations in and between Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the UK and to display the commitment of British business to the region;

• To provide a forum for the British business community in Abu Dhabi and others who are interested in promoting trade between the UK and the UAE through regular networking events, meetings and presentations on topics of general or sector specific interest, as well as purely social events encouraging business connections;

• To provide advice and help to British Trade Missions, Business Groups and other visitors to Abu Dhabi and assist British enterprises who have formed or who are contemplating business in and with Abu Dhabi;

• To provide a link with other organisations with similar aims;

The role and value of such groups has been enhanced by the decision taken by the United Kingdom in 2016 to leave the EU, which will require an even greater effort being directed towards growing UK exports to other countries of the world in the future.

The Group in Abu Dhabi helps UK companies identify new business opportunities specifically in Abu Dhabi but also in the UAE more generally. The BBG – together with its sister organization in Dubai & the Northern Emirates of the UAE - provides an essential bridge between the British business community, the Department of International Trade teams at the British Embassies and aspiring new entrants to the market, by providing advice and help to British trade missions, business groups and business visitors to the UAE.

The Group has a number of specialized sub-committees which cater for and focus in on such sectors as defence, healthcare, education and energy.

The BBG in Abu Dhabi has a membership of 300+ business people and is led by a Committee and an administrative office which provide and support a busy calendar of networking activities for members and visitors. The Chairman of the British Business Group is Nick Cochrane-Dyet MBE, Special Adviser to the Chief Representative of BP in the UAE and a longtime resident in Abu Dhabi.

The Group produces a three times annual magazine called Capital Letter, available on the BBG website at, which reports on new developments and business successes, and is distributed to members and other stakeholders across UAE and in the UK. There is a cost effective advertising rate card which can be found on the website along with past issues of the magazine.

The BBG in Abu Dhabi works closely with its counterpart in Dubai & the Northern Emirates to ensure mutual benefit from all activities, developments and useful information is shared with all their respective members.

Membership of the BBG in Abu Dhabi brings a number of benefits to its members, including discounts at a large number of outlets and service providers in the capital city, as well as access to events around major conferences and exhibitions and visits by senior British government and other representatives.

For further information please contact us on or call 02-4457234.
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