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06 May 2020

Azur Drones - SKEYETECH

While global economic activity has been slowing for more than a month, the need for safety and security is no less critical. On sensitive sites such as Oil and Gas facilities, seaports or storage platforms, the Coronavirus has not stopped intrusions, malfunctions or accidents. Autonomous surveillance drones such as SKEYETECH, help to keep critical infrastructures running under lockdown.

SKEYETECH is a pilotless drone-in-a-box solution designed to increase security and safety over sensitive sites. Fully autonomous, it provides around-the-clock service and security without endangering security teams. Powered by a proprietary AI, it replaces them in their daily surveillance patrols or doubts checking missions while bringing them many other advantages: speed, responsiveness, precision....


In France, Eamus Cork Security, a specialist in port security, uses this drone technology to protect a Port Facility of the Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk. Complementary to existing human and technical measures, the system makes it possible to strengthen site surveillance, and appears particularly relevant in these times of pandemic:


“Due to its dense activity and regulatory requirements, the Port Facility must be secured 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, even under lockdown. SKEYETECH autonomous drone allows us to sustain the highest security level, essential to maintain port activity, without exposing our guarding teams.” explains Thomas Ditacroute, Chief Operating Officer at Eamus Cork Security.

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