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Through the years, ISNR Abu Dhabi has become the most efficient influencing platform for the region’s government investments on the latest products and solutions. This year the platform will focus on 3 main themes featuring 3 free-to-attend conferences about Future of Policing, National Cyber Security and National Digital Resilience.

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National Cyber Security Conference

Developing sustainable capabilities to respond against cyber threats on national infrastructure.

2020 Strategic Themes

  • Mobilizing the ICT Industry: Leading by Objectives
  • Enabling a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem
  • The Leverage of AI Technology in the Protection of National Assets
  • Establishing A Robust National Cyber Response Plan


Future of Policing Conference

Where Artificial Intelligence Converge with Law Enforcement & Public Safety Mission Commitments.

2020 Strategic Themes

  • Innovations that are Transforming the Way Police Do Business
  • C3I - Amplifying Capacity and Flexibility in Responding to Public Safety Needs and Emergencies
  • Smart Policing; a New Beat to Walk
  • Intelligent Policing. Realizing the Potential of 'Big Data' Analytics


National Digital Resilience Conference

Driving towards a safe digital government transformation.

2020 Strategic Themes

  • Overcoming Infrastructure Risks in the Age of Digital Transformation
  • Ecosystem Threats Demand Ecosystem Solutions
  • The Leverage of AI Technology in the Protection of National Assets
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Backlash Anticipation



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