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Preparing for a new era in National and Cyber Security

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), rapid digitalisation and other emerging technologies, nations face a new dimension of security threats. ISNR Abu Dhabi dedicates special features and initiatives to AI and Digital Innovation to empower security stakeholders to prevent threats, reduce vulnerability and minimise damage and recovery time.


Spot on: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation

Upgrading their AI capabilities will be crucial for nation states in order to drive sustainable economic growth and ensure national security. Rapidly evolving, AI applications will be indispensable for intelligence and knowledge discovery by collecting, processing, analysing and modelling enormous data sets across the national security landscape.

Policing and law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection and cyber security leaders will rely on the results to make timely decisions, select effective strategies and tactics, and allocate appropriate resources to detect, prevent, and respond to future attacks and disasters.

Given the transformative potential and implications on national and cyber security, we have placed AI and Digital innovation at the heart of ISNR Abu Dhabi.

Placing AI & Innovation at the heart of ISNR Abu Dhabi



New! AI Hub: A platform for first-time exhibiting innovative AI start-ups

Innovation Awards: Awarding ground-breaking innovations in 5 categories, including AI. Learn more

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

AI in Future of Policing: A dedicated track on how AI technologies will support future Police operations

New! AI in Cyber Security: A dedicated track on how AI solutions are enhancing cyber security preparedness and response



AI Trail of exhibitors highlighted on the floorplan to guide visitors and buyers interested to see latest AI solutions at the exhibition

Edutainment & Public Awareness

Edutainment & Public Awareness

New! AIX: A unique experience demonstrating how high-impact immersive videos, moderated scenario-based policy discussion and interactive formats can facilitate dialogue and be the next-generation training tools in security.

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