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Press Release

Monday Feb 13, 2012

Beretta Defense Technologies

BERETTA DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES: THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE Beretta Defense Technologies is an alliance of four market leading companies: Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner. These founding companies of Beretta Defense Technologies have been globally well known through decades of leadership, innovation and investment and now form a single source contact for the high tech military & law enforcement hardware they are renowned for. Masters of excellence, these firms are owned by the Beretta Holding Group, who have focused their combined technical prowess to form now a single source contact, supplying the operational needs of military & Law Enforcement personnel worldwide. Beretta Defense Technology is a concept that has grown from the needs of governments and agencies to cover a wide range of complicated scenarios, by providing with the unique combination of services, weaponry and equipment – from firearms, ammunition, optronics to tactical clothing – in order to match every operational needs. Over 1200 people are employed in the Beretta Defense Technologies’ manufacturing process and are highly dedicated. Each company, which is part of Beretta Defense Technologies, represents a real centre of excellence, thanks largely to a continuous investment in personnel and the purchase of state-of-the-art machinery and technology. In addition, thousands of working hours and an important financial investment are dedicated every year to courses for quality, work, safety and the environment. 2 BERETTA DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES: OBJECTIVES AND AIMS Modern soldiers & law enforcement officers face an environment that requires precision and force, tact but persuasion, to engage yet remain out of harms reach. Tools and capabilities, ranging from firearms to specialist apparel and equipment, are evaluated by the experts of Beretta Defence Technologies, after listening closely to managements goals and requirements, and are constructed to assure the best effectiveness. Highly complex engineering techniques have been applied to resolve once intractable operational constraints that led to a stalemate situation or worse still, failure. Now, with the aid of Beretta Defense Technologies` expertise and capabilities it is possible to take decisive actions with a positive outcome. A network of operation and distribution services based in over 60 countries support Beretta Defense Technologies` customers. These aids to communication and logistical back up are useful to achieve our aim for an effective, long term partnership arrangement. A global initiative for global customers wanting support which is situated nearer to their operating base. Beretta Defense Technologies grants efficiency, as it is able to: • provide military & law enforcement officers with the best fit solution for their operational needs; • to be a reference point, comprising of experts in their fields who are able to listen to different requirements, survey any given situation and match operational needs with state of the art technology and armaments available; • integrate solutions for a cost effective and politically manageable proposal; • be a collective expertise, aiming to form a relationship based upon trust and confidence, leading to a long term partnership arrangement; 3 RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION Beretta Defense Technologies means excellence thanks to the knowledge and the commitment of over 110 people employed in Research & Development. Each specialist operates in its own R&D department fully integrated with each other, in order to give a unified single project approach. Beretta’s experts lead the way for new product development which they achieve by constantly monitoring the key factors that impact on them, increasing in the process not only their personal expertise, but also creating the synergy required for a long term commitment to new products development. Beretta Defense Technologies dedicates large financial investment and specialized personnel within the field of research and innovation through a deep cooperation with leading companies and universities, in order to develop constantly advanced technology, services and products. Thanks to centuries of expertise, know-how and recognized excellence, these days Beretta Defense Technologies can boast hundreds of patents in many different sectors. This focus has led to design and implement the New Product Development Platform, a highly effective system of development which is used to involve a team encapsulating the diversity of input and formally applied in coordination with the Advanced Product Quality Planning, a new system for monitoring the micro and macro factors involved, indicating whether the new product will be successful. Such a combination aids teams, assigned to bring to fruition a new product and to work in a coordinated systematic manner. Finally, Beretta assure a Robust Design system of pre-production testing, which allows to develop new ideas and products without manufacturing and to give the R&D department a powerful advantage. According to the logic of simultaneous engineering, every project is followed in an integrative manner from planning to production, with the involvement of all relevant participants cooperating in co-design. Furthermore, several computer simulated and laboratory based processes are available for proofing solutions, including experienced designers, sophisticated software back up, virtual prototyping, physical tests to ensure projected qualities, test benches made by expert personnel. 4 A SOLUTION PACKAGE Beretta Defense Technologies is a complete solution package integrated with customers’ requirements to provide tailor made solutions. To be more closed to any specific need and demand, Beretta has developed several and different part of a unique project: SPIRAL AUGMENTATION: every existing weapon and equipment can be improved, upgraded or augmented to increase its operational capability or to meet specific operational needs. ONE STOP SOLUTION: Beretta Defense Technologies can mould its package conclusion to fully incorporate competitors products into its blueprint. In addition Beretta’s expertise allows to study any weapon system and, through testing, analysis and re-engineering, redefine its capabilities to suit a new theatre of operation. TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY: strategic agreements with Defense or Law Enforcement administration bodies to share knowhow and technology to establish local productions. CO-DESIGN: Beretta Defense Technologies works closely with Military and Law Enforcement agencies to ensure complete satisfaction with operational capabilities. At the same time, cooperation with universities and leading companies involved in cutting edge sectors keep Beretta Defense Technologies aware of the new technologies but also actively involved in their development. This allows swift implementation of these technologies with clients’ individual requirements. TRAINING: Beretta Defense Technologies offers a comprehensive range of firearms, training programs based on three levels: regular end user, specialized personnel (gunsmiths) and advanced end user (ie. special forces advanced training). SHOOTING RANGES AND TRAINING: test weapons and train personnel with short, medium and long range shooting incorporating specific scenarios. OFFSET AGREEMENTS: Beretta Defense Technologies is now a major player in addressing the requirements of public departments that need to be offered finite tailored packages, from industrial cooperation and technology transfer to counter trading through an array of partners. LESS THAN LETHAL: development and supply of means for law enforcement personnel to minimize threats without the need to use lethal force. The use of cutting edge technologies by Beretta Defense Technologies in the field of optronics, munitions and firearm manufacture have led to the implementation of the constant kinetic energy system of non-lethal force as a tool for the task. BERETTA DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES: THE COMPANIES FABBRICA D'ARMI PIETRO BERETTA Founded in 1526 and based in Gardone Valtrompia, Italy, is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of small firearms and partner of many international Defense and Law Enforcement agencies. The oldest firearms factory in the world (officially documented since 1526), and one of the most successful, Fabbrica d’armi Pietro Beretta has been passed down through 15 generations of the Beretta family and is part of Beretta Holdings. In the centuries Beretta has proven to be as one of the premium names in the Defense and Law Enforcement sectors. From the most state-of-the-art facilities in the industry, Beretta produces an extensive range of small firearms, exporting over 75% to more than 100 countries. Beretta’s firearms have been adopted as the standard issue sidearm for many armed forces, special forces and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. The largest military contract for sidearms, since the second world war, was won in 2009 by Beretta to supply US Forces with the 92FS semi automatic pistol, widely acknowledged as the greatest pistol ever realized with millions of pieces sold worldwide. The next generation of semi-automatic technopolymer handguns have been given their benchmark by Beretta’s recently released Px4 Storm series and in the field of assault weapons the ARX100 automatic rifle platform and GLX160 grenade launcher are redefining the standards. The combination of high tech modern materials and ergonomics have led to the Mx4 Storm sub machine gun and to the Cx4 Storm Carbine, both equally formidable in hostile environments or with close protection units. BENELLI Founded in 1967 and based in Urbino, Italy, Benelli has been part of the Beretta Holding Group since 1983. Nowadays, Benelli is a world renowned producer of tactical semi-automatics, rifles and pump action shotguns. A highly reputable manufacturer and market leader of tactical shotguns, producing the fastest acting semi-automatic shotgun in the world. Benelli has been making shotguns since inventing a new operating system for smooth barrel semiautomatics, which is regarded as a milestone in the world of shotgun development due to the revolutionary inertial operating system and its safe and reliable mechanical performance. Benelli supplies armed forces, Law Enforcement agencies and civilians throughout the world. Its combat shotguns have seen active service nearly in all the major conflicts of the last 10 years, proving their systems in the hands of some of the most prestigious end users in the world. In 1998 Benelli won the contract for equipping the U.S. marine corps with the new M4 semi automatic tactical shotgun. The M4 is also the official service combat shotgun of the UN Blue Helmets. SAKO Sako Ltd. is located in Riihimäki, Finland and was established in 1921. As a world renowned sniper rifle and ammunition maker, Sako is globally recognized as one of the pioneers of sniper rifles and high quality ammunition. Sako produces some of the finest sniper rifles in the world, both for the Military and Law Enforcement agencies, which are in service worldwide. The accuracy and precision of their rifles have given them an enviable reputation with special forces around the world with the TRG22 and TRG42 being the weapons of choice for many sniper teams. These rifles form part of the TRG PRS military sniper platform supplied by Sako and can incorporate a range of accessories and ammunition to create a complete sniper system. Their range of specialized ammunition is guaranteed to give consistent performance when taking on targets at medium & long range. In 2000 Sako Ltd became part of the Beretta Holding Group of companies, boosting their manufacturing and commercial operations, making them a world class player in the global bolt-action rifle market. STEINER A German company based in Bayreuth, Steiner was established in 1947 and joined the Beretta group in 2009. the leading German manufacturer of military binoculars and rifle scopes. Steiner is one of the most advanced manufacturers of military binoculars and rifle scopes in the world. A specialist in the field of Optronics, supplying official issue binoculars and rifle scopes for many armed forces & Law Enforcement agencies worldwide including special forces, naval and artillery units. A premium supplier to US Forces, who are also renowned for being one of the most demanding, Steiner has won the biggest contract by the US government for binoculars ever awarded. Steiner`s use of nanotechnology in coatings has led to produce light transmission quality optical equipment, which allows optimum image quality even in low light conditions. Steiner is a pioneer industry, leader in the use of laser protection filters for binoculars, distinguished by the incorporation of innovating design and high technology in their ranges.
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